Monday, March 03, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!

I tell you i am so sick of looking at snow and ice i am ready for some warm weather i want to get out and have some fun. tired of sitting up in the house all the time. they say it is supposed to get bad like it did a few weeks ago. (i hope not) it has been raining really hard today and in the morning is when we are suppose to get the snow and ice. well enough about that. it has been a while since i last posted. i had a SU party last weekend and even though only 3 people showed up we still had a good time the Lady's really enjoyed it. i told them if the class went well that i would start a STAMP CLUB for them. so that is what i am getting ready to do. i got the 2 punches(scalloped and round tab) those are my 2 most favorites that i had been wanting, i have been wanting them forever. and i finally have them can't wait to use them. seen a lot of cards made with them. i also what to do a NEWSLETTER too but have no idea as to how to get started so if any of you lady's would like to help me out i would appreciate it. i kinda got an idea of what i want but i just want to know how to set it up. so until next time



Sandy O

Sound like we live in the same area. What a winter!!! My poor chihuahuas don't know what to do with them selves. When I make them go "potty" they tuck their little tail and look at me so pitifully. So...I go out with them and that seems to give them the courage to take the 2 minute natures call, LOL. I can hardly wait until spring, the part where the ground has dried out and we can start planting our gardens. Not the snow has melted and turned everything to mud part ;o)

For my newsletter, I use constant contact. I know there are other sites you can use, I just don't know the names of them. Perhaps someone will post one or two for you. If not, try googling "newsletter hosting sites" or something like that.

Congradulations on getting your first club started. I have been demoing for 1 year last week and have yet to get one going. It can be a challenge to get enough people to ahve the same night/time to get together. I hope the Lord blesses it for you!

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