Friday, July 18, 2008

Micheal's Coupon!!!

I went to Micheal's today,i am in there at least 3-4 day's a week use to if you didn't have a coupon you could just sign your name on their sheet that they have, they don't have that anymore so now you have to have a coupon.which comes in the Sunday paper. they normally keep some in the store but today they didn't have any. they said they had some at the beginning of the week but they are all gone now and they want be getting anymore in. anyway my point is this. what if you don't get the Sunday paper like many of us don't. to me, i don't know about anyone else but i think that they should always have a coupon's on hand they are a busy store and they know people are gonna want to used the coupon. so why don't they keep them on hand the lady said that they had about 60 or so this morning but they were gone fast. that doesn't help those of us that work and go after we get off of work to shop. so i would like to know what the rest of you think leave me a comment to let me know what you did. BURNING MAD!!!



How frustrating....sorry to hear about your bad experience!!!



I would have been frustrated too. It's disappointing when you are looking forward to shopping (with a discount at that) then you can't.

Maybe you can speak with the management of the store. If you're in there that many times a week you're spending $$$ and they should value your input.

Make a suggestion that they keep 'x' amount of coupons for after a certain time for people that shop later in the day/evening.


Sandy O

The ones in Nashua, NH don't have any to give out as far as I know. If you don't have one, your out of luck. I suspect that if they dept giving them out they would either

1. have to increase the prices to make up for the 40% so many items

2. go out of business

3. start having cheaper stuff, less quality to make up for the difference.

It is worth the $2.50 to get the paper just to get the coupon.

Also, if you sign up you will get coupons in the mail and have that as well as the newspaper one.

On another note...they do take competitors coupons.So if you sign up for other craft store coupons by mail, you will have lots to use whenever you can get there.


Sandy O

Opps, meant to say

...if they KEPT giving them out..."

Not dept...Sorry ;)


Always check Splitcoaststampers because someone is always posting the coupon.

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