Thursday, January 31, 2008


This morning i got up to go to work as normal look out the window and what did i see 1-2in. of snow. well i went on an got ready started the car. started driving and the road was nothing but ice. so i turned around and came back home. call them to let them know that i was going to be late, well about 10 mins later i started out again this time i was driving and i seen my neigbor on the side of the road well i stop to help her, and when i did i just slide everywhere my car started spinnng around and around and i had no control over it. well at this time i got really scared i didn't know what to do so i started crying finally it came to a stop and i ended up faceing my neigbor in her car. she got out to see if i was ok. i was still crying she kept saying that i was going to be alright. so when i got myself together we both turned around and came home. i was really scared cause i have never driven in this kind of weather. so i ended up not going to work. and it is suppose to do the same thing tonight but if it does i will not be getting out there in this stuff so i say again THANK U LORD FOR BEING THERE WITH ME!!!!!!!! I have never been so scared in my life.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad Weather

Tonight we are getting some really bad weather it all started about 2:00 this afternoon an has been going ever since the wind is really high stuff is all over the place i am sitting here now just listening to the wind hollowing and trying to watch a little TV hopefully it will end soon i can't stand rain like this make me really if any of you are having weather like i am PLEASE be SAFE and stay warm.until next time
~scrappin' sista

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Word

Hello Everyone it has been a few days but i am back well it is another work week again, the weekend really went by fast as always hope everyone had a good one. i took the day off today so i just spent it cleaning my scraproom again. getting ready for the scrap sale this Saturday at my local scrapstore. i think i will do pretty good. at least i hope so anyway. getting ready to do a scrapbook for my mom of the wedding we went to a couple of weeks ago it is a surprise for the bride.i haven't done anything in a few days as far as making any cards or doing any scrappin' but i plan to do some this weekend if nothing gets in the way. today is my son's b-day. i did learn a new word over the weekend i thought it was really cute, i was visiting another blog and while i was reading it she keep saying SUGAR, HONEY, ICED TEA, SUGAR, HONEY, ICED TEA,so i kept on reading an finally she explain herself when she gets mad this is what she says instead of the word. look at it closely and u will see why she says it took me a minute to figure it out to but i finally got it so lady's when u get mad say these words SUGAR, HONEY ICED TEA. (LOL)HAVE A GOOD WEEK LADY'S


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Different Cards

Here are a few cards that i have been working on the first 3 i made the last one is from a friend at SCS i love making TENT CARDS they are really easy to make.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


I tell you it is really COLD outside i have never been this cold the high today is 30 and the low tonight is suppose to be 12 now that is COLD this is good weather for some chicken soup. or chili which ever you like it is also good weather to do some stamp and scrappin which i plan on doing later on. since i have nothing else to do. so to all of you who are dealing with the COLD Like i am try to stay warm and get some stamp' or scrappin done and have a good rest of the weekend that is what i plan on doing so until next time have a good one

Friday, January 18, 2008

Birthday Cards

Hey ladies, i finally got a program that i can upload my pic with and i am loving it so look for more pic from me these two cards are my b-day card that i was tell you about

This one is from my Big-sister from the DSS club THANKS BIG sis

This one is from one of my rak club siste
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Wedding Pic

Groomans and ringbear

Bride & Groom

Bride & Maid of Honor
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My Friend's wedding

these are some of the pics. from last weekends Wedding

the groom and bridesmaids

Me, my mom and a friend

The cake
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Cleaning Stamproom

I have been cleaning out my stamp room again, an boy i tell you i ran across some stuff that i had when i first started stampin(heaven only knows how long that has been) i am getting ready for a scrap sale at my local scrap store. this is my second time doing it they are a lot of fun. all you are doing is getting rid of stuff that you no longer used. and i have a lot of that, i have 2 full boxes of nothing but stamps i never knew i had that many stamp. that is a lot of stamps. and you price them for what you want. and then at the end of the sale whatever you make you spend it in the store. that is how i got my crop-a-dile last yr. and whatever you have left over you take it back with you or if you no longer want it they will get rid of it for you. i still have a long way to go i want to rearrange my room and make it look pretty like some of these rooms that i have seen on these blogs they are gorgeous. i want that wall unit that MM has i might get it the next time i get a Micheal's coupon. i also want a cuttlebug. their is so much stuff that i want. i am getting ready to have a SU party between now and March. want to get in on that SELL-A-BRAT ION!!!! i love when that comes around all of the free stuff and i like FREE stuff (LOL) as i am sure the rest of you do also. well enough for now. got to get back to my cleaning

Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthday Cards

Hey ladies,
I wanted to show you what i got for my b-day which was last Wednesday jan.9th but i can't seem to get the pictures to upload like i want them to i have the Kodak easy share program on my computer and that is were they are and i can't seem to get them to another program so that i can show them to you if anyone knows how to do this let me know i was so busy that i forgot to post that it was even my b-day anyway i had a wonderful time on my b-day my DF came down from st.Louise he took me out to olive garden we had dinner and a glass of wine very romatice i loved every minute he also got my nails done for the wedding that i was telling u about it my last post i really want you guys to see the cards so let me know if anyone can help me out. THANKS LADIES anyway i got all kinds of e-mails and cards for my B-day i really had a nice b-day.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


well it has been one long week and a BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND, the week was so long that i didn't think that Friday would ever get here. but when it did boy was i glad. i am always glad when the weekend comes. this weekend was a good one i went to a wedding, a friend of the family got married and it was really nice. i spent the weekend at my moms so that i could go to the wedding. their color's were CHOCOLATE AND IVORY really pretty the guys wore ivory tuxes with chocolate ties and the lady's wore chocolate dresses and the bride wore a ivory dress with a chocolate bow tied around her waist and went to the floor. and the attendees wore the same very nice. and it was cold. i didn't get any stampin or scrappin done. so this week i plan on getting some done. i am going to surprise the bride with a small scrapbook.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Well another weekend has come and gone, the weekends are just not long enough get off work on Friday and have Saturday and Sunday and then you are right back at work on Monday my how time flys their is just not enough time to do anything anymore. got up went to church, service were really good this morning the kids did great and then after that my best friend and i went out to eat at Ryan's we try and do this every Sunday if we can. since we are both single we don't have to cook if you know what i mean unless we want to. and that is something i try to avoid if at all possible.(LOL)we were supposed to get some rain today, but we didn't glad of that. when i got up this morning it was a little cloudy but then the sun ended up shinning. we i guess i will go and do a little stampin and scrappin. so until next time.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


inkpads and more stamps
an my craft table


this is more emblishments
and my punches

More Pictures of my StampRoom

this is were my cardstock inkpads and embellishments are kept it is an old computer desk


this is a pic of my stampin' scrappin' stuff i have a lot more to show if i can just get it right i am new at this so it is going to take me a few mins to learn what i am doing the cards that you see at the top of the page title cards are some of the cards that i have made. these are some of my SU stamp sets.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008


YEAH YEAH I i know i have it wrong so 2008 is finally here. it doesn't even feel like a NEW YEAR!!! i just don't know what it is but i just have not felt anything this hoilday. but i am glad that it is all over with. and everyone is doing ok. well i tell you it is really COLD outside i thought it was just cold but i step out to do something, it is not only cold it is fridget and that is cold. it was snowing a bit early today, flurries is about all it was it has been doing it on an off all day. i hope to get some stampin and scrappin done this week. that was one of my resulutions for the new year was to get more stampin done. so we will see how it goes.