Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nice Weekend

Hello Everyone...
Had a nice weekend this past weekend. my mom came home for a visited hadn't seen her since thanksgiving so we had a really good time the weather was really nice so we got to get out about, she went to visited friends and family and then we went to church on sunday. then she left on monday. but all in all we had a really nice time i was happy to see her.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Good Day

Hello Everyone,
today was the REAL WOMEN'S EXPO what is a real women's expo you say, well it is were a lot of vendors get together for a day of fun and to have a good time. it last all day long.(so you know i am tired.) there's all kind from chiropractors to stampin' and scrappin. it was an all day event. an you just walk around to the different vendors that you want to visit or course me and me friend visited most of them but we were mostly at the food(we love some free food) and they had some good stuff too. this year was not as good as last year last year people were running over each other. this year you had all the room in the world to walk around. we visited the SU booth and made a bookmark and i won a prize. i never win anything so i was really surprised when i won. i also won another prize when we first got there i didn't know it until my friend told me that i had one. well while we were there i dislocated my little finger trying to catch some dressing. boy was i stupid. i will never do that again i promise. i just hope it heals OK. after it was over we went to Micheal's of course. and then i went back to my friends stay for a little and then came home. and that was how my day went. so until next time.


Friday, March 19, 2010

it's been a while

Hello lady's
just checking in... i know it has been a few months since my last post but my friend reminder me today that just because i don't have a camera doesn't mean that i can't post something. so here i am with today's post. it is really a beautiful day today the sun is shinning and it is warm outside. i am glad to see the sun rather then the rain. which it is suppose to do this weekend. i got up this morning an made a simple card which i might use for my class next month. hopeful i will have a camera soon so that i can start taking pictures of the cards that we do in class. but until then you can check them out over on my friend's blog. she is my sidekick and keeps me going. well that is it for now got to run. so until next time everyone have a good weekend.