Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hi Everyone,
hope you had a safe and happy holiday i am just now getting in from the holiday's from being gone all week. i had a really nice time with my family. everyone made it home safe and sound. yesterday was our family dinner and we had so much fun that i didn't even want anything to eat when it was time to eat. we had been cooking all day long. trying to get everything ready for that afternoon and that just wears you out. the night before my sister got sick and a few others did also, something must have been going around, hope i don't get it. you know how it is when u have been cooking all day and then come time to eat you just don't want anything you really don't want to see any food. so now it is time to get back to things like cleaning the house from the Holiday's i hate that part.but for now i am just going to relax and have a bowl of ice cream. so until next time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Just wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS hope that you get everything that you wish for. have a blessed time with family and friends and for those of you that are traveling be safe. again i say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY to me. it was 2yrs today that i stated blogging who would have thought that i knew anything about starting a blog. but now that i do i enjoy is really fun. when i first started it i would only blog maybe one day a week but now i try to do it more. thanks to a good friend of mind that i meet while blogging. we have become such good friends she keeps me encouraged. so if you have not giving it a try u need to i think that you will really like it. and if you would stop by and let me know how you like my blog. until next time HAPPY STAMPIN'

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Back

what a wonderful THANKSGIVING weekend, had a really good time. we left here on Friday afternoon the weather was really nice to be traveling the sun was shining just a beautiful day for traveling, stop through Nashville to pick up my sister. then from there we were off to Lexington got there around 10:30 that night. it was about a 4hr drive from Nashville when we got there we unloaded the car and begin preparing for Thanksgiving day we were up till about 4 in the morning getting the food ready. but this is nothing new to us we do this every time we go there we never go to bed until around that time we stay up all night. talking and catching up on all the things that have been going on with family. and then we are up early the next morning.

on thanksgiving day we finished all the little things that need to be finished before everyone got there. they arrive around 4 we ate an then just sat around an watch movies had a few drinks and everyone was gone by 12:30 everyone was tired from the night before so we had an early evening. the next day we just hung around the house. we didn't even go shopping on BLACK FRIDAY didn't want to fight that bad crowd. i didn't need anything that bad. then the next day we heard on the news that i man got trampled on while trying to open the doors to wal-mart. i think that was so sad that anyone would do anything like that, is it really worth it to get kill over a few dollars. i really don't think so. i tell you around the holidays you hear of more deaths and things, it really is a sad time of the year.

that Saturday we got up and headed back to Nashville to take my sister back(spend the night there)and come on home today got home around 4:30 an i am really tired. so now i have to get ready for another work week. but all in all we had a wonderful time, it just flys by really fast. hope all of you had just as a good of a time as i did.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! we'll be leaving to go out of town tomorrow and will return on Monday but before i leave i wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving hope everyone has a nice time with there family and friends and hope those of you that are visited family have a safe trip back to your home. this is the second dinner that we have been to Sunday we were at my cousin house. we had a wonderful time. plenty of food and desserts. we all decided to do it this way so that everyone had a chance to visited with their family's and in laws. the weather is suppose to be ready nice at least that is what the weather man says we will have to see. well i have to finish packing. so until i get back. again have a safe and happy thanksgiving to all.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lazy Day

Today is just one lazy day for me, just want to set around an do nothing all day it is still very cold out. last night a few friends came over and we started on our Christmas cards we got a few done we could have gotten much more done but we were having to much fun laughing and talking about other things. also found out that our Micheal's craft store burned yesterday. not it didn't burn to the ground, they seem to think it was electrical(from all them lights that they have) LOL, so i don't know when they will reopen, there goes all those coupons. you could really tell it today too. when i went to hobby lobby you could not move, i have never seen so many people in one store in all my life they were just running over each other. the lady said that it has been that way all day long. this was in the evening when i went so i can just amazing what it was like this morning. so hopefully it will open back soon. so i am just sitting here watching a movie .i could be working on some more cards but i think i will give it a rest.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yeah, you heard me right it is COLD outside and has been for the last few day's it has been in the the 20's at night. very very cold, time for the blankets to go on the beds and some good old hot cocoa.

Monday, November 10, 2008


This Friday my sister graduated from Remington collage she has been going to school for medical asst. we are so proud of her. below are a few pictures

my sister

her & her son

me & my Sister

our mom


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Saturday, November 01, 2008

One Crazy Day

Hi everybody just got in for the nite, from one crazy day an boy am i every tired. I tell you it has been one crazy Day today, got up this morning and finish helping my mom do some things that she needed to do, from last night. this all started around 9:30 this morning plus, we had 2 family baby showers that we had to go to. one at 3 and the other at 5 the one we had to go to at 5 the little one is still in the hospital. but the mother is home. she was born 6wks keep her in your prayers. both of them were nice tho. they each got a lot of nice gifts. sorry i do not have any pictures to show you forgot the camera, that figures. so now i am finally home. i can kick my shoes off and get ready to hit the sack. but i just wanted to post before i settle down for the nite, boy can you belive it is already november. this yr has really flown by. so until next time

Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello Everybody,
on my way out the door to spent the weekend with my mom their church is having a HALLOWEEN lock down tonight and i am going over to help out which is also the church that i grow up in. i just wanted to wish everyone a SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN so to all you little ghost and gobblins and parents too have fun!!!! until next time

Monday, October 27, 2008

brrrrrrrr it's cold outside

Happy Monday everybody hope you had good start to the week. unlike me everything that could go wrong did go wrong. anyway it is mighty COLD outside. i think the time has come for us to crank up the heat. and get some of that good old vegetable soup that your parents used to make when we were kids i still to this day make it when it gets cold out. i have been loving the weather that we have been having but today was a different story, because it is now time to bring out the coats,hats, and gloves and put away the summer clothing and try to keep warm. i can't believe that halloween is this friday. all the trick or treaters will be out and about. and it is going to be a Cold one man how the time has flown just a couple of months before Christmas i am still working on getting my christmas cards done i should have them all done by the end of next month i have a few already. i worked on some this weekend so hopeful i will have them all done by next month. and get them ready to be mailed out. willl post pictures later on. i plan on selling some of them also. until next time everyone have a good rest of the week and stay warm!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Family Night!!!!!

Tonight was our FAMILY NIGHT at church we do this every yr. it started out as a halloween thing for the kids so that they would be off the streets. the way things are going today it is best that they do stay off of them. and we just made it one of our days. we had all kinds of contest(chili,talent show, cookie, pie, fashion show) you name it we had it. eveyone had a good time, we had lots of fun food and prizes. and at the end of the night we gave away little gift bags. and everyon went home.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's All Black&White

I decide to do a few cards in black and white today my friend and i got together again this weekend as we always do an made these cards. leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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Saturday, October 04, 2008

World Card Making Day!!!

As everyone knows by now today was NATIONAL CARD MAKING DAY!! around the worldhope everyone had as much making cards as i did. everyone made there cards and whatever else they chose to do my friend spent the weekend with me. and we did nothing but make cards all weekend long last night we did not get to bed until about 2:30(Saturday morning) then we got up an started at it again. all together we made a total of about 20 cards. boy are we tired but we had fun doing it these are just a few of the ones that we made. the top ones are the one's i made and the bottom ones are the ones she made. so now it is time to clean up our mess and called it a nite. so stop by and leave a comment an let us know what you think. so until next time.


Snowmen die-cuts
Paper: brillliant blue, white (SU)
Accessories: Christmas stickers

Christmas Cards

Paper: Lime, DP (HL)
Accessories: Christmas stickers(HL) red ribbon (Micheal's)

Christmas Tree Card

Stamps: Christmas Tree(HL)
Paper: Christmas Green, white (HL)
Accessories: silver star brads
Ink:Colorbox Chalk(warm red,warm green)

Joy Card

Stamps: Joy (HL)
Paper: Red White (HL)
Ink: black

Snowmen Card

Stamps: Snowmen(HL)
Paper:white DP Burgundy
Ink: cranberry crisp (SU) discontinued
Accessories: Cranberry Ribbon (Micheal's)
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September Cardclass

Hello Everyone here are the cards as promise from last saturdays card class they turn out really cute if i have to say so myself. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think .
Stamps: catstail (hobbylobby) thank you
Paper:Only Orange, Basic Black(SU)
Ink:Basic Black
Accessories: Black Buttons, Black Ribbion
Stamps Verse Stamps,Flowers (Hero Arts)
Paper: bashful Blue(SU) DP(MM)
Ink: Basic Black
Accessories: Scallop Punch
Stamps: your in my thoughts(HL)
Paper:white,orange. green
Ink:Basic Black
Accessories: Brush Markers,(old olive, only orange, garden green) SU
Stamps: Pumpkin and thinking you(SU)
Paper: Really Rust, Old Olive, White
Ink: Old Olive, Chocolate Chip
Stamps: flower and verse
Paper: Burgandy, DP(HL)
Ink:Chocolate Chip
Accessories: Scallope Punch, (SU) circle Punch

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September Cardmaking Class

here are the pictures from saturday's cardmaking class everyone had a really good time they learn 2 new techniques (the cuttlebug and markers w/stamps) one lady even went out an got her a cuttlebug, it won them over they really like the way it works we also gave them a card challlenge to do for next month's class can't wait to see what they come up with

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September Cardmaking Pt2

Here are more Pictures from the cardmaking class on Saturday
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Monday, September 29, 2008

One Fun Day!!!!

Hello Everyone
hope everyone had a good weekend i had a really nice one first of all This past Saturday was my monthly stampclub meeting and we really had a good time everyone enjoyed themselves, they learn a couple of new things brushmarkes and how to used the CUTTLEBUG they really like that one will posted pictures later. after class we all went to hobbylobby and micheals and did a little shopping they had a really good sale this past week so i wanted them to get some things that they needed that i knew would not be on sale again for a really long time like there punches i love my punches and there cardstock. i don't want to see another piece of CS right now. i am seeing it in my sleep i have so much of it. LOL i am getting ready to rearrange my craftroom again. i have a vision of what i want it to look like and hopeful one day it will look like it. i gave my class a challenge and i can't wait to see what it looks like (right ladys) i think they will have fun with it. i know i did. after class i went to my moms, my sister came home for the weekend so me her and my mom spent the weekend together. it was really a lot of fun. and now it is back to another week of work. is anybody enjoy this weather as much as i am i love this time of year. well until next time everyone have a good rest of the week.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

6*6 OSW Challenge

Good Evening everyone hope everyone is have a good weekend, the weather here seems to be getting a little cooler and lt looks like it is going to rain. so i stayed in all day. my friend called me an asked if i wanted to get together an make some cards an i told her sure so she came on out and we made some cards. we gave Julee Tilmans' 6*6 OSW challenge a try. we had a lot of fun making the cards. .(the top ones belong to me and the bottom ones are my friends.)
if you have not visited her blog you need to stop by and say hello. she does such nice work, i love her skecthes. i am over there everyday just about to try out one of her skecthes. so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. until next time

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Girls Day Out!!!

Today has been a good day my Girlfriend and i spent the whole day stampin' we started at 10:a.m. this morning and she just now went home we had a really good time. we decide that we would do this at least twice a month just to give us something to do. all together we made 6 cards. below are the 3 that i made 2 friends and a cupcake. sorry about the glare, i am just now learning how to use my new camera. so just bare with me i will get it right one of these days.she made some really cute ones too. well that is all for now. hope everyone has a safe labor day weekend be careful and drive safe. until next time.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Christmas Cards Con't

Here are a few more christmas cards that i have made. i think they turned out really cute. if i have to say so myself
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StampClass Con't

Here are the cards from the class i almost forgot to post them. 2 of the cards i cased i changed things around just a bit.

Flower Card

Flower From Hobbylobby
Paper: Cameo Coral Chocolate chip (SU) Designer Pattern Paper
Ink: Cameo Coral Chocolate Chip

Sunflower Card

Stamps: just because (SU)
Paper:chocolate chip(SU) dark green and yellow
Ink:Chocolate chip, white craft (SU)
Tools: Scalloped punch oval punch

Flower Card (2)

Stamps:Wonderful Day (SU) retired
Paper: Ballet Blue (SU) white
Ink: Ballet Blue

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