Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Few Days

It's been a few days since i last posted. been kinda busy and all, had to work this past weekend and this coming up weekend. trying to get some STAMPIN' done but that seems not to be happening for other stuff getting in the way. i finally pulled out my christmas stamps. going to go through them to see what i need to make my christmas cards want to get an early start on them. i didn't make any last christmas. so i have to make up for them this time. i went to Hobby Lobby today and brought some christams paper alone with some other stuff. (that i didn't need) LoL i bet you are saying yeah right.if you are like me you buy stuff just to be buying it. i find myself doing that a lot and i need to stop it. and used what i have and then buy more. you should see my craftroom you can't even see the bed for alll the stuff that is on it. it is so couverd with stuff. i am going to clean it up one of these days. it just seems to be a catch all. if u know what i mean. as my mom would say u don't need to buy another thing.i have started keepin a list of things that i have so that i want buy the same thing over again. well i guess that is all for today. so until next time. HAVE A GOOD REST OF THE WEEK!!


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