Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today was a good day it started at 9:00 this morning when the girls and i went to a REAL WOMEN'S EXPO, it started out raining and then it clear up. i was glad of that. i had never been to one and had a really good time. their were so many vendors there. they even had a SU DEMO and a CM Demo there. they had different classes all day long. i have to say i was disappointed in the class that i had. we stamped on candles. and the CM's one i didn't even go to. but we ended up walking around the whole building. they even had ice cream samples my favorite one was the sherbet one tropical island. and then we ended up at the cooking vendor we were going out to eat. but by the time we sample all of the cooking vendor's we were no longer hungry. they were giving away door prizes every hour but of course i didn't win any of them. the cooking vendor's really gave away some nice cookware.(that i would have loved to have) i could use some nice cookware. and then at the end of the day. they gave away a pearl ring a diamond ring and a 10,00.00 dollar watch why couldn't i have won the watch. then we all came home, like this morning when we walk out the door it was really cold and the wind was really blowing. we were going to go out put after we all got home and settle down no one wanted to do anything but rest we were all tired and wore out. girls i must say we must do this again sometimes. so until next time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Good evening everyone hope you all had a nice day. here are a few cards that i made yesterday. my friend and i got together as always to make cards. as you can tell from the title that i love my cupcakes so i decided to make a cupcake card. i have several cupcake sets but have never used them until now. and i really like the looks of them. the second card is just one that i thought of off the top of my head. i think it really turn out really cute. so leave me a messenge and let me know what you think. until next time.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just got back from a NICE FUN WEEKEND my mom and i went to Nashville this weekend to spend some time with my sister. just got back last night and the weather here is really cold and it was raining. the weather there was really nice. we had a really good time.we had made plans to do some things but never got around to doing them. like going to the movies and to a comedy show. we went shopping tho and of course you know i had to do a little craft shoppin so i went to Joann's and bought up a bunch of things punches, paper, die cuts. etc now if i just used them (LOL) you know what i mean if any of you are like me you buy up an bunch of stuff then it takes you forever to use it. i need to make some cards anyway i have not made any in a good while. except the ones that i have done for my class. so this morning when i got up i clean up my craft room and but away my goodies.