Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another lazy weekend

Hello Everyone....Happy Saturday

Hope eveyone is having a good weekend. as for me i am doing nothing but laying around and watching tv just being lazy, i like days like this were i don't have to do anything if i don't want to. i have a lot of things that i could be doing but i just don't feel like it. i am doing one thing and that is getting my sunday dinner ready for tomorrow. this is the last weekend of the summer and it is really nice outside. but i am ready for some fall weather. well i guess that is all for until next time.......

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun Weekend

Hello Everyone....Happy Sunday

Hope Everyone had a good weekend.. i know i did, i spent last week in Nashville visiting family and had a really nice time. didn't do much but it was nice just to visited my family. i hadn't seen them in quite a while. so i just had fun being with them. i returned home on Friday afternoon. had to get back. had a card class on Saturday. so they spent the weekend with me. they left going back today. (and i already miss them) my mom wants me to moved down there but i am just not ready yet. but i told her when i get ready she will know it. i could move tomorrow and she would be proud. so now it is back to business as usual. tomorrow starts a new week. hope everyone has a good one. so until next time.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Safe And Happy weekend

Just want to wish everyone a Safe And Happy Weekend..... have Fun With you family's