Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Back

what a wonderful THANKSGIVING weekend, had a really good time. we left here on Friday afternoon the weather was really nice to be traveling the sun was shining just a beautiful day for traveling, stop through Nashville to pick up my sister. then from there we were off to Lexington got there around 10:30 that night. it was about a 4hr drive from Nashville when we got there we unloaded the car and begin preparing for Thanksgiving day we were up till about 4 in the morning getting the food ready. but this is nothing new to us we do this every time we go there we never go to bed until around that time we stay up all night. talking and catching up on all the things that have been going on with family. and then we are up early the next morning.

on thanksgiving day we finished all the little things that need to be finished before everyone got there. they arrive around 4 we ate an then just sat around an watch movies had a few drinks and everyone was gone by 12:30 everyone was tired from the night before so we had an early evening. the next day we just hung around the house. we didn't even go shopping on BLACK FRIDAY didn't want to fight that bad crowd. i didn't need anything that bad. then the next day we heard on the news that i man got trampled on while trying to open the doors to wal-mart. i think that was so sad that anyone would do anything like that, is it really worth it to get kill over a few dollars. i really don't think so. i tell you around the holidays you hear of more deaths and things, it really is a sad time of the year.

that Saturday we got up and headed back to Nashville to take my sister back(spend the night there)and come on home today got home around 4:30 an i am really tired. so now i have to get ready for another work week. but all in all we had a wonderful time, it just flys by really fast. hope all of you had just as a good of a time as i did.


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