Monday, October 27, 2008

brrrrrrrr it's cold outside

Happy Monday everybody hope you had good start to the week. unlike me everything that could go wrong did go wrong. anyway it is mighty COLD outside. i think the time has come for us to crank up the heat. and get some of that good old vegetable soup that your parents used to make when we were kids i still to this day make it when it gets cold out. i have been loving the weather that we have been having but today was a different story, because it is now time to bring out the coats,hats, and gloves and put away the summer clothing and try to keep warm. i can't believe that halloween is this friday. all the trick or treaters will be out and about. and it is going to be a Cold one man how the time has flown just a couple of months before Christmas i am still working on getting my christmas cards done i should have them all done by the end of next month i have a few already. i worked on some this weekend so hopeful i will have them all done by next month. and get them ready to be mailed out. willl post pictures later on. i plan on selling some of them also. until next time everyone have a good rest of the week and stay warm!!!


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