Thursday, January 31, 2008


This morning i got up to go to work as normal look out the window and what did i see 1-2in. of snow. well i went on an got ready started the car. started driving and the road was nothing but ice. so i turned around and came back home. call them to let them know that i was going to be late, well about 10 mins later i started out again this time i was driving and i seen my neigbor on the side of the road well i stop to help her, and when i did i just slide everywhere my car started spinnng around and around and i had no control over it. well at this time i got really scared i didn't know what to do so i started crying finally it came to a stop and i ended up faceing my neigbor in her car. she got out to see if i was ok. i was still crying she kept saying that i was going to be alright. so when i got myself together we both turned around and came home. i was really scared cause i have never driven in this kind of weather. so i ended up not going to work. and it is suppose to do the same thing tonight but if it does i will not be getting out there in this stuff so i say again THANK U LORD FOR BEING THERE WITH ME!!!!!!!! I have never been so scared in my life.



Holy Crap!!! I would be thank the good Lord too!! That does sound scary.....but here you are telling the story!! How great is that!?! I don't know where you are located, but we are scheduled to get that storm tonight.......they said about 10 inches ---Can you say YUCK!! Hubby is singing about it - he can go snowmobiling!!


Praise God for keeping his loving arms around you....i would've stayed home too after that episode on the ice...we're suppose to get snow this weekend ..we didn't have to go in today because of sleeting rain...i hope you took time to get yourself some scrapping.....and remain blessed!!!!

Miss C.

Oh My Goodness! How scary that must have been. I am so glad you are alright and safe and taken care of. Take care of yourself in weather like that. You just never know how the roads are going to be.

Melissa M. M. M.

That sounds awful! I'm so glad that you're okay! :0) Mel SBS2 sslkdtp

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