Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

You Guess it, it is raining and i am sick of it. got up this morning looked out the window and there it was the rain. i hate when it rains don't get me wrong i like it sometimes but most of the time i don't i would rather have the sunshine. and a beauitful day. well anyway as i said i got up this morning had breakfast clean the kitchen and then went to my scraproom and finished up a scrapbook that i was working on for my mom. as many of you know i posted some pictures of my friends wedding that i went to back in januray. well my mom ask me to do a scrapbook for them so that is what i have been working on and i finally finished it up this morning and it turn out really pretty. i was very proud of it. then my mom came over we went to the mall she got bore of sitting in the house so she decide that she wanted to get out and do something so she rode over here and we went to the mall and a few other places. after that she drop me off at home pick up the scrapbook and took it to our friend she was suppose to give it to her for her bithday but she said she could't wait that long. so she ended up giving it to her today. i told her ok but she would have to call me and let me know what they thought of it. she said ok, then about 30 mins later she call me and said that they really loved it. so that made me feel good. but other then than that i am not doing anything. just laying here on the couch watching t.v. and surign the net. looking for some more nice stampin blogs to read. and i have come across some pretty nice ones. i get some really nice ideas from them. well until next time



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