Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I know most of you have heard by now that KY had an ice storm last week. and most of the residents lost power. most of it is back on but i still do not have any. i tell you it was like a ghost town not a hotel open any where not even a gas station people were packing up and leaving there homes really fast. trying to find somewhere to go, it was really scary. people were buying up all the generators and kosence heaters they could find we went to buy one while we were in TN. and the guy told us the closes place we would be able to fine one would be in atl..we ended up coming back home today. and everybody around me has power except me and a few of my neighbors and from the looks of it it is going to be a while before we have any(3-4 wks ) is what they are saying but i hope it really doesn't take that long tho. my mom and i just got back from TN. staying with my sister we have been down there all week started with my mom they told her that she would be without power for 3-4 wks. and then it got turn around it is me who is going to be without. so that is how we ended up in tn. and they told me that my power would be back on weds. but when i got home today i still had none. and my front yard looks like a jungle i can't even walk through it it is so many trees and limbs and they haven't even begin the clean-up. so now i am at my moms house until i can get some. hope that it want be to much longer. you know you always hear about something like this on TV. but until you experience it you never know what the people are going through. i hope i never have to experience it again


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