Saturday, June 28, 2008

VBS & StampClass

well it is finally over and i am a tired sista, our VBS ended last night and i glad that it is over and done with cause it has been a long week. i was in the kitchen all this week and we did a lot of cooking and preparing food for it . we really didn't have a lot of people like we normally do when we have it. i think it was because the fair was in town. and that is what done it.(you know how the kids love the fair.) i couldn't tell you when i have been to a fair it has been a minute. we had a carnival for the kids this morning. everyone had a really good time. today was also my Stamp Class day. which ran a little late because of the carnival. but once we got started we had a really good time. didn't have many this time around but they still enjoyed their self's. we made 4 cards. will post pictures a little later, kinda tired right now. the class lasted about 3hrs. then after that we all went to Micheal's and hobby lobby they wanted me to show them so of the supplies and stamps that we are going to be using. this month they want to make Christmas cards so we will be doing that instead of our regular class topic. i expected to have a lot more this month when they find out that we are doing the Christmas cards, that is what most of them were waiting on anyway so i am pretty sure i will have to do them in 2 parts one in the morning and one in the afternoon so that means that i will have to do extra work this month.(huh) anybody want to come and HELP ME!!!!! so now all i am going to do is get ready for in the morning. go to church and then after church come home an relax and call it a day and get ready for the week. the weekends just aren't long enough. so until next time



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