Friday, June 06, 2008

It's The Weekend

it's the weekend once again, and it is going to be very HOT here in KY were I'm at (90's) now that is hot. nothing much going on with me this weekend. have to start preparing for my stamp class that is coming up in a couple of weeks. i an still undecided on what i am going to do. hopefully i will come up with something. but as far as that goes that is it. hopefully i will get some stampin done. and try to clean my stamp room for the 5oth time never can keep that room clean i just should left it alone and let it be cause it is going to get messed up again anyway. my local scrap store is having their sale again but i did not have anything this time. lord knows if i clean out my room i would have plenty but that is not going to happen i am the type of person that likes to hang on to everything. especially when it comes to my stampin stuff. i just can't let it go. and i steady buying stuff. knowing that i don't really need it. and that i need to used up what i have before i buy anything else. but i don't do that even tho i should.. well i guess that is enough for now. i could set here and type all night long and bore u to death but i want do that. so i hope everyone has a nice weekend and don't get to hot so until next time.



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