Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today Was A Good Day

Today was a really good day. got up this morning went to church had a bless day there had to leave early tho, had to be at my mom's church for a reception that they had for one of the ministers that is leaving to go to school. it was really nice. then i came home pick up the mess that i left from this morning you know how it is when you are getting ready for church. if you are like me you have stuff strode everywhere. then i took the trash out. now i am laying here on the couch with my laptop doing the same thing that i was doing yesterday which is nothing at all. i tell you this has been one lazy weekend. but i got to get with it in the morning have to work tomorrow and NEW YEAR'S DAY(Bummer) but that is OK i don't have anything planed anyway. so it will be we have one more day left in 2007 and then we will start a new year. i plan on making this year a good year for me i have made a few resolution's but i will take them one day at a time. i usually don't make them because i never end up doing them but this year i plan on keeping on top of them. so we will see how it goes. untill next time everyone have a SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!


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