Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Lazy Saturday!!!!!!

well this is the last Saturday of 2007 and i am just sitting here doing nothing it is very COLD out it was about this time last yr. that i posted(but i promise you i am going to try and do better in 2008) hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope that your NEW YEAR will be the same. and all is well with your family' family and i had a blessed christmas everyone was doing well we had our BIG family dinner the Saturday before christmas will post pic. later and then on CHRISTMAS DAY my sister my mom and i had our own little christmas day own my moms side of the family me and my sister are the only 2 that she has left everyone esle has gone on (rest there souls) so it was really special to us my sister had here gradkids and her son with her then my son came later on in the day. he spent CHRISTMAS with his dad and they family. and then he came over. so many people i could hardly count them all . everyone had a really good time.i have been working on my blog i want to start posting more. so just bare with me as i get the hang of . i want to start the NEW YEAR off right by stampin and scrappin more i have not done anything in over 6 months and that is not like me. i didn't even make my christmas cards this yr and i usally do that around the first of december but for some reasons i just haven't had the christmas spirit. i finally got my scraproom clean and things put away. (i can see what i am doing now) so i will be ready to go the next time i get in there. i plan of making 3-4 cards a week to start to all of my stampin and scrappin friends. have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!



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