Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back From Vacation

Good Morning Everyone, Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoyed there 4th of July as I told you in my last post that I was leaving for a short vacation. well i am back and boy let me tell you i am one tired sista, but we had so much fun!! the kids really enjoyed themselves. first off when we got there we took them to see the movie ICE AGE. it was good. if you haven't taken the kids to see it you should they will enjoy it. the next day we grill out(so much food) I never want to see that much food again(LOL) everyone ate until they good full. you know how that goes. then came the news about STEVE McNair getting shot and killed. that was really sad. then later on that day we took the kids to the zoo. they seen all the animals of course. they were so excited they keep saying that they had never been to a real zoo before we walked so much that our feet starting hurting. even the kids feet started hurting(when kids say their feet are hurting then you know it is time to go. it was so much to see that we didn't even get to see it all. then on the 4th we went downtown to the riverfront for the fireworks oh they really had a good time looking at the fireworks. me myself i have never been that close to them and boy were they loud. and while we were there guess what we got caught in the rain and we were soak and wet. from head to toe i am not talking about being a little wet, i'm talking trenched. so wet that we could take our clothes and wring the water out of them. and on top of that my mom just got her new car and we had to get in it wet(boy that was fun) but other then that it was a good day. below are some pictures from the trip. so until next time

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